atraveo for private owners and holiday home agencies

Simple, fair and effective

Do you have holiday apartments or houses and would like to improve
occupancy as well as reach more customers? At the same time do you want to retain control of renting them out and avoid binding obligations?

With atraveo, the large holiday home market on the internet, we will promote your holiday homes across Europe. atraveo assumes the active role of advertising and marketing – without any risk for you as the product partner.

Your advantage: Comprehensive advertising

  • Display of your holiday accommodations on atraveo as well as automatically on more than 1,000 websites across Europe including leading international travel portals with atraveo being their exclusive holiday home partner. A small selection:

  • Massive search engine advertising – Google and others – covering all search terms (more than 50,000 regions, locations and other geographical terms).
  • Ads in travel guides, newsletter, prize draws and much more.        
  • atraveo international marketing: Reach customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain and across Europe.

And this is how it works:

  1. Non-binding registration
    Register on this page by filling out the registration form below.
  2. Describe your property
    After you have received your access details via email, please describe your accommodation. Our owner service will optimise your object presentation and translate it for you into all the relevant languages – at no extra cost.
  3. The advertising commences                                                     
    Your holiday property is now being advertised on atraveo and all affiliated websites.

That’s it. You will receive binding booking requests from atraveo which you only have to confirm. Information on the location, furnishings, occupancy etc. as well as non-binding queries are handled by our customer service. We as the travel agency take care of the entire booking process for you: The booking confirmation with the customer, payment processing with the customer including the dispatch of travel documents. Your involvement will start again at the time that the customer arrives at your property.

Sounds simple? That's because it is.

  • From the beginning until the end, atraveo will be your reliable contact partner for all issues relating to the booking. Our owner service is available in person for all your queries.
  • Registration and advertising is free of charge for you on atraveo. Only after a successful booking which has been confirmed by you will atraveo charge a commission fee. That is it. There are no hidden costs that you will be confronted with and it is a success-related payment.
  • The best thing about it: You retain total control over the occupancy of your holiday home. You alone decide when your property is rented out and what the price will be. You are expressly free to rent out your object by alternate means other than over atraveo.

Non-binding registration

Have we been able to arouse your interest? Then why not register on atraveo as an owner free of charge and without obligation. Just fill in the form and after your details have been checked, you will receive an email with your personal login details and further information.


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In accordance with our privacy policy, your data will, of course, always be treated confidentially. The data that you have provided is solely used and stored for the purpose of contacting you concerning a cooperation with atraveo GmbH. Your details will not be passed on to third parties.